Chef cuisinier du restaurant percheron dans le Perche en Orne - La Maison d'Horbé
All our customers tell us: at the Maison Horbé, we feel like at home friends: welcomed, relaxed, comfortably settled in a warm decor that one always enjoys to find.
Whether you are coming to the restaurant or to the tea room, or more simply to revisit our flea market, we strive to reserve you the best welcome and to pay the utmost attention to your expectations.
To visit us is to live a special experience, that of discovering a restaurant-flea market of which, we are confident, you will keep a pleasant souvenir for a long time.
So soon!
Laurent and the team of

La Maison d'Horbé

Press review

  • Homes to live countryside

    There is lunch in the courtyard, there is a tea and a cake in one of the small salons… a house-case where the writer Julien ashes, Robert and Laurent,… offer a gentle stop.

  • Decorating campaign

    Gourmet Step to La Maison d’Horbé : Antiques, flea market and tea room, everything is there to spend a good time …

  • Auto Retro

    Objective : La Perrière, an endearing village that has become connected with the installation of artists and celebrities (Chantal Thomass leading), for a entr’acte (China, brunch and lunch on the terrace or in the lounges) at La Maison d’Horbé

  • Atmospheres

    On the village square of The Perrière, La Maison d’Horbé… Jean-Noël Loriers has been able to create an eclectic and seductive universe by making old glassware and crockery, painting, ethnic jewellery, clothing from yesterday, from here and elsewhere: a “travel china” decor. Laurent Loingtier Offers Original brunches With homemade foie gras, smoked salmon or perch ham, pastries and chocolates from battle, almond yogurt with organic milk, assortment of teas and jams in its own way, all served in refined dishes… A real Country Flea Market With a delightful tea room and an art gallery: the Spirit!

  • West  Side

    To feast his eyes as much as his taste buds! We arrive on a lovely village square,… A feeling of great calm seized us after closing the door of the car. An open gate leaves a church statue to welcome the strollers. We are here in the crested place of the perch, the village-mode! La Maison d’Horbé Is the lair of Parisian bobos. That said, it’s a real pleasure to take a break in this real country flea market. Everything is well chosen, the delicious tea and the magic place. At the origin of the case, Jean-Noël loriers and Julien ashes, came to buy a second home, fell in love with the corner and stayed there to make their life. Since then, the house has turned into a flea market dedicated first to the arts of the table, but also to small furniture, paintings, trinkets, jewellery and other objects chosen with taste. The duo came to graft Laurent, a passionate cook who set up the tea room. In the summer we have lunch on the terrace, in the winter in two cosy rooms…

  • Detours in France

    Recipes concocted by Laurent Loingtier… entirely at the feeling! We can have lunch (or dinner) in this charming and warm house where thousands of glittering objects are beautifully presented under subdued lights. Take away: apple juice, pickled onions, honey from the Perrière, terrines of semi-cooked foie gras, and jams that really deserve the trip… The Detour is indispensable! »


    Our advice? A stop at the tearoom and antiques La Maison d’Horbé, on the grand-Place de la Perrière: ultra-Refined!

  • The Express

    La Maison d’Horbé, on the Grand Place of the village offer de la Perrière, is an enchanted place. It’s like a tale of Beatrix Potter. Apart from the rabbits, everything is there: the glycine that scents the courtyard, the singing of a trickle of water on the stone and the black Labrador lying on the cobblestones! Where does the flea market stop? Where does the tea room start? There are not frankly borders in this House of the XVIIE century full of treasures. A Flea To the tunes of precious bazaar where are engraved crystal glasses, silverware, ancient jewellery reported from Rajasthan, prints, bedspreads and curtains in net. A Perfect Tea Room : marshmallows, salted butter caramels, Grandma’s jams and homemade cakes, teas Brothers Wedding and foie gras brunches. From noon, Laurent Loingtier goes into the kitchen and prepares his famous scrambled of scallops with truffle vinegar…


    Looking for a Atypical Tea Room ? Direction La Maison d’Horbé, at La Perrière, where Laurent will welcome you in his Living roomFlea. Here we do not take themselves seriously, we are there for pleasure, to enjoy and to share. A simple happiness in an amazing place where you like to spend time. A very nice address, so where you can also dine at moderate price.

  • The Sunday newspaper (JDD)

    Go to brunch at La Maison d’Horbé, on the Grand Place de la Perrière: foie gras and homemade breast, smoked ham in the perch… and taste the marquise of Horbé, a chocolate and walnut cake with its custard!

  • Country Village Houses

    At La Perrière, a beautiful village to which the stylist Chantal Thomass and the writer Julien ashes contributed to make life, La Maison d’Horbé… where bargain and gluttony (duck foie gras with homemade morels) are good housekeeping!

  • Country of Normandy

    The Perch star Village has its essentials, such La Maison d’Horbé : tearoom – Flea Market …

  • Télérama

    A warm table that also makes tearoom and antique shop, a traditional kitchen served in a cabinet of curiosities where up paintings and crap …

  • Weekends and confidences

    The Perrière, the trendiest of the Perch villages, has an address to its extent with La Maison d’Horbé. Laurent Loingtier offers here refined brunches punctuated with good salads, scrambled eggs …