Chef cuisinier du restaurant percheron dans le Perche en Orne - La Maison d'Horbé
All our customers tell us: at the Maison Horbé, we feel like at home friends: welcomed, relaxed, comfortably settled in a warm decor that one always enjoys to find.
Whether you are coming to the restaurant or to the tea room, or more simply to revisit our flea market, we strive to reserve you the best welcome and to pay the utmost attention to your expectations.
To visit us is to live a special experience, that of discovering a restaurant-flea market of which, we are confident, you will keep a pleasant souvenir for a long time.
So soon!
Laurent and the team of

La Maison d'Horbé

TV Reports

Météo à la carte

France 3

“Météo à la carte” is an interactive, informative, entertaining and responsive program based on weather events.

Every day, the show offers viewers a varied content, to understand the impact of the weather on health, nature, history and some trades …

“Météo à la carte” offers detailed weather reports, reports in the regions and headings in plateau …

History of walking

France 3

On France 3, every Sunday at 12:55, Vincent Chandra discovered the heritage of a region by offering walks and tours. History of walking presents the perch, in particular La Maison d’Horbé a restaurant in the village La Perrière.


Une belle aventure pour La Perrière et la Maison d’Horbé

Publié par La Maison d’Horbé le lundi 17 juin 2013

The French favourite village

France 2

The French favourite village is a French television show presented by Stéphane Bern, broadcast on France. It is a village in France. La Maison d’Horbé participated in this report to introduce the Perrière.

TV5 Monde – Maisons d’ici et d’ailleurs – La Maison d’Horbé

Le village de La Perrière et La Maison d’Horbé vus par TV5

Publié par La Maison d’Horbé le lundi 13 mai 2013

House from here and elsewhere

France 5

Houses from here and abroad is a broadcast on TV5. That’s A documentary series that makes us discover the most sumptuous mansions in the world. Houses from here and abroad Makes you discoverLa Maison d’Horbé in La Perrière.

Journal of the 13 h


The diary of the 13 h, broadcast on TF1, stops at the village La Perrière in the park of the Perche. They make you discover the village La Perrière in Orne.

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